Genetics play a role in any athletic contest

While our current model(s) have been generated for thoroughbred racing, we have the capability to look for gene variants that may be important in almost any equine discipline, as long as there are distinct phenotypes that can be separated. Height, jumping ability, gait, and behavior are all examples of phenotypic measurements that could be examined using this strategy. We have had much interest from the show jumping world and from internationally ranked polo players that want to breed, buy, and train the very best horses. These represent just two equine disciplines that could benefit greatly from genetic assessment. Speed, stamina, aggression, and trainability are all primarily determined by genetic, thus any equine event that requires these components for success. The list would include (but not be limited to):

• Polo
• Show Jumping
• Barrel racing
• Cutting horses
• Rough Stock (horses and bulls)
• Quarter Horse racing
• Standardbred racing
• Walking and other gait-related disciplines

Whatever your breed of horse, whatever you want to know, give us a variable, and we'll develop a customized genetic test to give you the results you're looking for.

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