What Our Testing Can Do For You

There are certain factors that genetic assessment cannot overcome, such as injuries, bad training methods, and influences like poor positioning in the womb or neglect during upbringing, to name a few. It can however help identify the best athletes, and provide the following advantages:

• Give insight into a foal's potential from the moment it hits the ground

• Identify the best distance at which your horse can train and compete

• Identify your broodmares with the best potential to produce quality offspring

We Succeed When You Succeed

We pride ourselves on delivering results. Led by Dr. Steven Tammariello, a Molecular Geneticist at Binghamton University in New York, ThoroughGen is one of the premiere genetics companies testing Thoroughbreds. Our team combines over 20 years of genetic science with a lifetime in the equine industry to develop solutions that can help give you a competitive edge. And now we have expanded our reach to a wider audience, providing customized genetic testing for just about any breed of horse.

If you are a breeder, trainer or owner and have questions about how genetic testing can benefit you, we would welcome the opportunity to speak to you personally. E-mail or call Steve anytime.

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